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Trending Pet Food Podcast: What is Leadership Culture?

| By Dr. Donte Vaughn

In a recent episode of the Trending Pet Food podcast, CultureWorx’ CEO, Dr. Donte Vaughn, sat down with host Lindsay Beaton, editor of Petfood Industry magazine, to discuss the concept of leadership culture, emphasizing that it requires full buy-in from the top down.

We discussed how an organization’s purpose—its mission, vision, and values—must be fostered at the leadership level and aligned with employees on the frontlines. Especially today, amidst the Great Resignation, organizations need to develop a clear organizational purpose to attract and retain talent. There’s newfound urgency and demand from employees about what their organization is doing to define, implement, measure, and improve the purpose-driven experience they promised to provide.

This desire from the working population to be aligned with their workplace’s culture has caused organizations to take a hard look at their leadership culture and employee experience.

In the podcast, we introduce the Culture Performance Management™ methodology—a behavior-driven system to operationalize company culture and increase employee engagement—giving business leaders a proven solution for cultivating company culture.

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