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The Teamwork Advantage Podcast: Can Company Culture be Measured?

| By Dr. Donte Vaughn

In a recent episode of The Teamwork Advantage podcast, CultureWorx’ CEO, Dr. Donte Vaughn, and Co-Founder, Randall Powers, shared the seven pillars of a successful and powerful organizational culture, answering the question: Can Company Culture be Measured?

It has often been said that you cannot measure soft skills such as teamwork, motivated staff, and culture in business. However, there are business systems and processes for safety, manufacturing, assembly, and call time—so why not for culture?

In this podcast, we discuss how fundamental shifts in the workplace population over the past 15-to-20 years have given rise to the concept of company culture. More recent generations have vocalized a desire for a sense of connection and belonging in the workplace. From that, we’ve seen how the employee experience directly correlates to business performance and outcomes.

We introduce the Culture Performance Management™ methodology in this full podcast episode, breaking down the ways company culture can be defined, implemented, measured, and improved.

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