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CultureLab Podcast: Helping Leaders Become Culture Champions

| By Dr. Donte Vaughn

In a recent episode of the CultureLab podcast hosted by Aga Bajer, CultureWorx’ CEO, Dr. Donte Vaughn, discussed what it means and what it takes to turn leaders into culture champions for an organization by leveraging concepts from our Amazon #1 Best-Selling book, From CULTURE to CULTURE.

The conversation painted a picture about what it could look like if organizations were able to implement a system that allowed them to manage their culture proactively. We discussed how to successfully breathe life into a company’s values system, so that those values turn into unwritten norms that start showing up in daily interactions, practices, and behaviors.

We also went deep on the difference between a culture that evolves organically and one that is shaped intentionally, as well as cultural touchpoints and their role in reinforcing a desired company culture, and the importance of establishing the right behavioral practices and habits at scale.

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