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What is CultureWorx?

CultureWorx is the industry’s first mobile- and web-based business culture performance management software that helps companies overcome the challenge of successfully implementing, improving, and sustaining a company culture that optimizes the employee experience and business performance.

What We Do

We get to the root of what
makes your company culture great.

Most workplace culture tools are reactive, static, and bottom-up—asking employees to rate their satisfaction with the organization’s leadership team or environment, without doing anything to cultivate a desired company culture proactively and consistently from the top down. Sounds familiar? It’s time for a better solution.

CultureWorx gets to the root of what makes a company culture great—language, behaviors, and interactions between all the people in your organization—making it easy for organizations to measure, manage, and improve their unique company cultures across all teams and locations.

What It's Used For

Improving your company’s culture performance, improves your business outcomes.

Use CultureWorx to systemize and utilize business culture performance management as a competitive advantage in your organization for talent recruitment and retention, leadership development, and sales and business outcomes.

Manage and measure your company’s culture performance

Scale your company culture across all teams and locations

Prove your company’s culture to the marketplace

Develop your management team with daily in-app practices

Cultivate your company’s culture in real-time, using your values

Connect the dots between your values and behaviors

CultureWorx connects the dots between your organization’s core values and your team’s leadership behaviors—measuring, managing, and improving the actions that impact the employee experience, leadership decision-making, and business results.

Put Your Values on the Front Lines

Give your leaders specific opportunities each day to demonstrate the company’s core values through proven leadership behaviors, known as Cultural Connections.

Cultural Connections are made every time a core value is practiced through a correlated leadership behavior. These connections represent the alignment of values and behaviors, and are captured in the app to give your leaders a visual representation of how they are perpetuating the company’s culture.

Ingrain Your Desired Company Culture

Reinforce the leadership behaviors that underpin each core value through real-time microburst learning and customized lessons.

People learn best through various formats, remembering 90% of what they both say and do. CultureWorx’ proven, on-demand learning tools put this into practice with:

  • Microburst learning
  • Audio + visual
  • Real-time practice

Facilitate Real-Time Feedback & Results!

Facilitate real-time feedback between managers and supervisors to measure and manage performance and drive business results using a Culture Performance Score®.

Your Culture Performance Score® is the result of how well your leaders engage and interact with team members, which influences how decisions are made and performance objectives are achieved. It is generated through daily feedback between managers and supervisors on their ability to practice leadership behaviors.

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