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Our Process

The Proven Solution for Cultivating Company Culture

CultureWorx offers the first business Culture Performance Management (CPM) methodology and supporting software solutions, rooted in helping leaders engage, interact, and make decisions in a manner that optimizes employee engagement and business results.

How Our Proven Process Worx

Our proven 5-step process uncovers gaps within your company and executes a program that bridges leadership behaviors, change management, and software integration to drive cultural performance and sustainability.

Our Expert-Facilitated Methodology

We’ll help you define, implement, measure, and sustain a positive workplace culture with our business CPM™ methodology. Choose a package that works for your organization’s needs, timeline, and budget.

Uncover operational barriers and hidden toxicities

Cultivate healthy team dynamics and relationships

Create consistency and scalability in your business

Support sustainable performance results

Attract and retain talent in your business

Improve leadership engagement and decision making

Software Solutions for Ongoing Cultural Performance

Our software solutions operationalize and optimize your custom CPM™ to drive ongoing cultural performance. It puts your values on the front lines, engrains your desired company culture, and facilitates real-time feedback and results.

Manage and measure your company’s culture performance

Scale your company culture across all teams and locations

Prove your company’s culture to the marketplace

Develop your management team with daily in-app practices

Cultivate your company’s culture in real-time, using your values

Solutions That Meet Your Organization’s Needs

We offer three delivery models that vary in depth to meet your company’s unique culture needs, timeline, and budget.


The Culture Inspiration Package™

For organizations that want to breathe life into their existing cultural vision while cultivating healthy team dynamics and relationships.


The Culture Innovation Package™

For organizations that want to install mechanisms to promote the practice of new values and create consistency and scalability in the business.


The Culture Transformation Package™

For organizations that want to operationalize company culture and achieve continuous cultural improvement while enhancing leadership engagement and decision making.