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Our Methodology

Measure and Manage Your Company Culture With Integrity

Define, implement, measure, and sustain a positive workplace culture with our business Culture Performance Management (CPM) methodology and supporting software solutions. We offer convenient packages that vary in depth to meet your company’s unique cultural needs.

How it Worx and Why Organizations Need it

Our CPM methodology is an expert-facilitated program, customized to your company. We work with you to align your organization’s core values with specific, actionable leadership behaviors that get practiced, evaluated, and measured in real-time to improve how your leaders engage, interact, and make decisions.

Uncover operational barriers and hidden toxicities

Cultivate healthy team dynamics and relationships

Create consistency and scalability in your business

Support sustainable performance results

Attract and retain talent in your business

Improve leadership engagement and decision making

Getting Real is How We Get to the Root

We go in-depth with your team to uncover gaps that may be preventing a positive workplace culture. Our experts facilitate conversations to unearth operational barriers and hidden toxicities, urging you to consider:

The 7-Pillars of Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on seven core pillars, starting with your organization’s unique values. We map your values to proven leadership behaviors that get put into practice through daily prompts and on-demand learning and development tools in our software. These actions are practiced, measured in real-time, and reinforced through customized development tracks offered in our software solutions for continuous improvement.