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Culture Inspiration

For organizations that want to breathe life into their existing cultural vision while cultivating healthy team dynamics and relationships, we developed The Culture Inspiration Package™ of our CultureWorx SaaS platform.

The Culture Inspiration Package incorporates our Culture Performance Management™ (CPM™) methodology and enables organizations to  being to successfully define, implement, measure, and sustain a positive workplace culture.

CultureWorx offers three primary solution delivery models geared towards providing your organization with a cost-effective and streamlined roadmap for your culture improvement journey.

The Culture Inspiration Package Includes:

CultureWorx Software Configuration & Implementation
  • 4 week
Culture Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Alignment Workshops
  • Leadership Discovery Sessions
  • Conclusion & Roadmap Development
CPM™ Systems & Process Enhancement
  • Value Terms, Phrases, & Definitions
  • Examples of Leadership Behaviors
  • Defined Leadership Behaviors
  • Defined Integration Strategies
CPM™ System Implementation
  • Map & Provide Leaders with Culture Connections
  • Establish & Implement Baseline Standards/ Expectations
  • Select & Align Your Culture Champion
CPM™ Sustainability Model
  • Generic Framework
Software Customization, Configuration, & Delivery
  • Application Configuration
  • Leadership Software Training
  • Dedicated Resource Accessible via Phone/Email
  • CultureWorx EnterpriseAccess Program Software
Post-Implementation Support
  • Optional

Choosing the CultureWorx Solution that Worx for Your Business

We offer three Culture Performance Management™ delivery models for our CultureWorx SaaS platform with varying depths of methodology and software support to meet your company’s unique culture needs, timeline, and budget.

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We are committed to helping you find the right CultureWorx solution that fits your organization’s objectives, timeline, and budget. So get in touch with us today to speak with one of our experts, schedule a demo, and begin the journey toward a more vital and authentic workplace culture.