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No one measures culture correctly.

In a market where talent is difficult to attract & retain, and leadership performance is critical to success, CultureWorX enables your company to connect the core values and leadership behaviors that produce positive results for your business. 

Building a Culture That Works for You.

CultureWorX exists for you to connect and manage your CORE-4® company values and leadership behaviors that are critical to your business success and employee engagement. 

Manager Overview

View your specific team’s cultural health to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. 

Dashboard Overview

Get specific team or individual cultural scores to identify who needs further coaching or training. 

Learn on the go.

Your leaders will learn on the go; when it matters the most.

Hold your company culture in the palm of your hand!

Get a daily measurement of the gap between your leader’s self-evaluation compared to the standard of cultural performance you desire.

Help your leaders become the X-Factor.

Enable the leaders of your company to be the X-Factor for employee retention and
improved business performance. Leverage a Resource Center that provides real-time cultural learning tools, materials, and procedures that will equip your leaders to become better performers.  

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